Guru Ji is world famous astrologer and well known to vashikaran mantra. Contact him to get your love back by vashikaran love spells. He know how to perform black magic for love.

6 Things that should not be kept at home according to vastu

कभी घर न लाएं ये 6 चीजें

Kayi chije aisi hoti hain, Jo humein bahut hi Akaarshit karti hain. Ghar ko sundar bnane ke liye hum aisi chije apne ghar mein sajja ke  rakh lete hain, lekin kam hi log iss baat pe dhyan dete hain ki kya yeh chije ghar mein rkhana tikh hain? Aisi kai chije hoti hain, jinhe ghar par rkhne se bura asar padta hain. Isliye dhyan rakhe inn 6 chijo ko bhulkar bhi ghar mein naa rakhe-

Natraj ki Murti

Natraj nirtyakala ke devta hain. Laghbhag har classical dancer ke ghar mein natraj ki murti hoti hain. Lekin natraj ki iss murti mein bhagwan shiv taandav nritya ki mundra main hai jo ki vinaash ka suchak mana jata hai. Islie isse ghar mein  rakhna bhi ashubh falkaarak mana jata hain.


Tajmahal bahut hi sundar hone ke sath sath pyar ka pritik bhi mana jata hain. Islie kai log iski photo ko apne ghar mai saja kar rakhna pasand krte hain. Tajmahal sundar hone se sath sath mumtaj ki kabargaah bhi hain. Islie tajmahal ki tasveer ya uska pritik ghar mai rkhna negativity felaata hain. Maana jata hain ki aisi chije ghar par rakhi hone se hamare jeevan par bahut asar parh sakta hain. Yeh sidhe sidhe maut se juda hota hain. Islie isse ghar par na rakhe.

Doobti hui kishti ya jahaj

Doobti hui kishti agar ghar mein rakhi hui ho toh apne sath aapka sobhagya bhi dooba deti hain. Ghar mein doobti kishti ki photo ya koi show piece aapke ghar ke rishto par bura asar daalta hain. Islie aisa koi bhi photo ya show piece ghar mein na rakhe.

Jangli jaanwaro ka koi pratik

Aajkal jaanwaro ke kayi sundar show piece , khilone ya soft toy milne lage hain. Dekhne mai wo chije bahut sunder lgti hai lekin aapke lie nuksaandayak saabit ho sakte hain. Kisi jangli jaanwar ki photo ya show piece ghar main rakhne se ghar mein mai rehne walo ka nature gusse wala hone lg  jata hain. Islie ghar mein kalesh aur hinsa badti hain.

Mahabharat granth ya uski tasveer

Mahabharat hindu dharma ka sabse important granth maana jata hain. Islie isse pujiniye maana jata hain. Pujiniye hone par bhi granth ko ghar mein rakhna ashubh maana jata hain. Kiyoki mahabharat parivarik jhagde aur kalesh ki kahani hain. Iss granth ko ghar mein rakhne se ghar mein tanaav aur ladai jhagde ki situation ban skti hain. Islie iss granth ko ghar mein nahi rakhna chaiye.

Shankh ke sath rath

Ghar ke mandir mein shankh rakhna shubh maana jata hain, shankh ki dhawani bhi ghar mein positive urja laati hain. Lekin, agar kisi rath ke saath ho toh ye galat maana jata hain. Rath ke sath shankh yudho mai upyog hota hain aur rath par rakha shankh yudh ki ghoshna ke kaam aata tha. Is kaaran kisi rath ke show piece ke saath shankh nahi rakhna chahiye. Isse ghar mai Ashanti aati hain.

Ye sabhi chije ghar mein agar app rakhenge toh hmesha k lie apni ghar ki shaanti bhang kar lenge.

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Vashikaran mantra for ex love back

Vashikaran Mantra To Get Ex-Love Back

Vashikaran is tantra mantra process. Mostly this is used to get ex love back or to get desired love. By vashikaran love mantra you can make hold on the mind of desired love or on ex lover. After that he /she will do that you want. He / she totally come under your control. In other words Vashikaran is a technique in which we control the mind and body of other human and can do everything with that person.  So that we can fulfil desired wishes.  We can complete our wishes by vashikaran. Guru ji is the expert in vashikaran for ex-love back.  It is very difficult to survive without true love or first love. We never forget that time when you meet with your first love and spend many years with each other. You spend time of happiness and sadness. You almost understand to each other suddenly someone interrupt you and stop you to do love each other whether they are parents or friends. That time you think what happened and you get totally sad.

Solution to get ex-love back

If problem is existing then solution is also available. Don’t need to roam around here and there just take a deep breath and think about your serious problem then contact to Guru ji vashikaran for ex-love back. He is an expert of black magic and vashikaran. He also breaks the black magic effect whether it is based on relation or business. It is very toughest when we have to live without our first love.  Relatives are mostly always against the true love and love marriages. They always stuck eyes on the love birds. Because they don’t like love marriages, for sake of nonsense people couples leave their beloved or girlfriend/ boyfriend. As I above said vashikaran mantra can change the mind of any one, So by this mantra you can convert the mind of any desired person.vashikaran mantra to get ex love back


Get ex-girlfriend love back

If you are doing job and your are missing your ex-girlfriend you don’t have time to lose her and she is do not want to being  with you. You are missing her badly because she was your first love. You are not surviving without her. But don’t need to take tension just Call to Guru ji he will solve your love problems and help you to get your ex girlfriend. With the help of vashikaran love mantra you can convert the mind of your ex girlfriend and she will act upon the way you want. He has been solving many couples’s problems in past 2 years, that’s why he is vashikaran for ex-love.  Many couples come to Guru ji because they know Guru ji gives 100% positive solutions for their customers.

Vashikaran love mantra for love

Everyone wants to solve their problem in short period of time.  Vashikaran is not easy to perform these love spells is tantra mantra process. This love spell don’t have any negative effect, but this process should be perform by an expert otherwise you will get negative result.  Guru ji number one vashikaran specialist in India. He has solved many love problem cases. He is well known to perform vashikaran love mantra. He is blessed with vashikaran mantra and shabar mantra. So don’t be feel sad if your ex love don’t want to make contact with you, Here you should contact with Guru Ji. He will suggest you right path by great wealth of experience.

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Kala Jadu Specialist

Kala Jadu Specialist | Black Magic Specialist

Indian astrology have rich past in itself. Astrology has many aspects and kala jadu or Black Magic is also an aspect of them. This is an astrological art that use for different purposes. Bengal’s kala jadu is mainly famous in India. This is tantra mantra spells and also similar to vashikaran spells and in western countries it is known as with name of love spells or witchcraft spells. This art is difficult to perform. This spell is use to solve different kind of problem. Here I am going to tell you which kind of problem we can solve by this spell.

Kala Jadu for love problems

Mainly this art is use to get love back or to get desired love. This spell we can use to get your love back or to get desired love. With the help of this we can hold the mind of desired person and he/ she will come under your control. In this way you can convert the mind of any desired person and that person will act upon the way you want.

Kala Jadu for revenge

This tantra mantra art can be use to take revenge from your enemies. These spells are so strong and show their impact instantly. If anyone did wrong with you and you are looking to take revenge from that person then you can take the help of kala jadu specialist. These spells definitely help you take your revenge from your enemy and you can take revenge from him / her the way you want.

Kala jadu for business problem

Are you suffering with loss in business? Are you looking for a Black magic specialist? Then you are landed on right page.In business we have many competitors it is difficult to compete in fast globalizing business era. To become a successful businessman you can take the help of this spell. This spell helps you to solve your business problem.


Guru Ji number one kala jadu or black magic specialist

How to do kala jadu

This is difficult art to perform. Our Guru ji world famous astrologer to perform this spell. He will tell you what to do. Chanting of mantra Guru Ji’s work you just have to follow the instructions. He is number one expert astrologer in performing this. So if you are looking for kala jadu specialist or Black Magic Specialist just makes contact with Guru Ji. He has solved many cases. He will suggest you right path.

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Love Vashikaran Specialist

Love Vashikaran Specialist | Help of Vashikaran Specialist

Love is great and strong bond between two people that make their life meaningful, we can say that love makes everyone’s life beautiful. Without love we cannot imagine a sound life. Love is great boon of God. If something is immortal in this entire world that is one and thing i.e. LOVE.

We can’t define it in words it is a affection from the deep of heart towards someone. People who get their true love are so lucky, but all people are not so blessed. They search for Love Vashikaran Specialist. It is well said that love is blind and same way it is also true that everything is fair in love and war. Getting help of Vashikaran Specialist to get your love is not a bad thing. Whom we love truly we can anything to get love. In love we have to never give up.

What is Vashikaran

If you are looking for a Vashikaran Specialist then you are landed on right page. Here you will get all the information about vashikaran spells. Vashikaran is a process of controlling someone’s mind with the help of tantra mantra astrology. It is also an aspect of astrology. After this spells desired person come under your control. He/She will act the way want. Mainly vashikaran is use to get love back or to get desired love in life. You can use these spells to get your love. After vashikaran that person totally comes under your control and he/she will just do what you want. This spell doesn’t have any negative effect, but you should perform this spell in the guidance of expert.

love vashikaran specialist

 A Vashikaran Expert can perform these spells properly. In present time you will find many Vashikaran Specialists on internet. People have become love astrologer without any knowledge. Don’t trust them even they don’t know how many type of vashikaran and what process should be follow to each case of love. At the end of the time you just waste your time and money.

Our Guru ji number one Vashikaran Specialist in India. He has solved many love problems all over the world. His motive is just served to humanity. He provides his services all over the world. He has great wealth of experience that is why he is known as love vashikaran specialist in India. So if you have any problem related to love you can contact to Guru Ji, he will suggest you right path.

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Intercaste Love marriage Problem Solution

Intercaste love marriage problem solutions 

When two people fall in love they have just one motive to get marry with each other. A marriage relationship is a great boon of God. Lovers who get married to each other so blessed. When we fall in love we don’t see color, religion, caste etc. So it is truly said that love is blind. Nothing is special movement in life than getting married with your true love and it is more special feelings when we love with an intercaste lover, Intercaste Love marriage have a lot of problem in India.

Why intercaste love marriage have problems

India is a land of different languages and religion. Parents have strong emotions towards their religion. Usually, in India, parents don’t allow their children to marry with other caste or religion person. They have just in mind that it is against our religion. A caste system is a big issue for intercaste love marriages. People have thought in their mind of High caste and lower caste. Higher caste parents don’t allow their children to get married to lower caste people. That point of time they don’t understand how you feel without your true love.

Solutions for Intercaste Love Marriage Problem

If you are suffering from love marriage problem and looking for a solution, then you are landed on right page. Here I will tell you how to get rid of this problem. To solve this problem you can take help of astrology. In astrology, a term is known as vashikaran. It is a process of controlling someone’s mind with the help of tantra mantra. After this spell, you can make hold on the mind of the desired spell caster

You can use vashikaran mantra to control the mind of your parents or on your lover’s parents. After this spell they just act upon the way you want. So vashikaran love mantra mostly uses to get love or to get desired love. Our Guru ji number one vashikaran specialist in India. He has solved many cases in which people have problem of intercaste love marriage. So don’t feel sad just make a call to Guru ji and get a solution of your love problem. He will suggest you the right path.

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How to Deal With Divorce problem

Divorce Problem solutions |How to Deal With Divorce

Are you looking solution for divorce problem? Getting a divorce from wife or husband is the worse thing. Being divorced, people have to face many kinds of problem in the society. They feel embarrassing in the front of people. They get upset on small things. They think that their life has finished. Marriage is the precious relationship between husband and wife. In starting they live together and spend lovable moments. They spend many years together, do some promise and take care of each other. They celebrate their anniversary in each year and their children birthday. When they take the divorce to each other everything is destroyed. Some guy wants their relation back but some move in their life.

Small fights happen between couples. Sometimes they use abusive language and blame to each other without any reason. Some people hates to each other when they get married because their life partner not according to his/ her wish. They don’t fulfill each other requirement. Some people don’t want to bend in front of their wife. Because they don’t want to accept their mistake. So ego must be aside. If they have the attitude towards their relationship and they can’t reveal their relationship. The small problem becomes big issue and it reaches till divorce. Guru Ji can solve these issues and can guide you, how you can handle this kind of obstacles. So that your life could run smoothly.

Divorce problem happens in these days because everyone wants to become superior in front of others. They do not understand the value of relationships. They do show off. They insult their wife in front of their friends. Husband thinks that their wife can do only housework. They do not allow their wife to work outside. But every wife has right to work outside and she can fulfill her own requirements according to needs. Wife has to face many problems when she stays at home with her husband. Husband torture his wife daily. Guru Ji can solve your critical problems because he has worked on Divorce problem solution many times.Guru Ji provides Divorce problem solution in which you are suffering from painful stress. Guru ji uses vashikaran vidya to solve all kind of love problem. Vashikaran is a process of controlling someone’s mind by tantra mantra. After the vashikaran, he/she will act the way you want. love-problems-solution

Guru Ji gives Divorce problem solution in all over the world. Guru Ji is also expert in Marriage problems Solution, Divorce problem solution, and Black Magic Specialist. Guru Ji gives his 100% to their customer so that they could satisfy. You can tell the entire problem to Guru ji to sit from anywhere. Guru Ji blessed with Vashikaran mantra and Shabar mantra. He is known as a vashikaran specialist in India. Just contact him to get a solution of divorce problem.

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How to Get True Love

How to Get True love | Love Back by Black Magic Spells

How to Get True love– In the modern era love is only game. Our youth generation plays with it and run from their true love it becomes only game because no one understand the true value of love. If someone loves you deeply it changes according to the time. Every person has three phases of life childhood life, business life and love or marriage life. It comes only once if you waste these three levels of life. Your life becomes hell. Now time came to know how to get true love by vashikaran. Let me explain Vashikaran Mantra vashikaran is Tantra-Mantra in which you can control over the other person mind. Tantra- Mantra is called love spells Firstly choose the target girl/ boy. We will make that person true love for you.

How to get true love from husband

Many ladies wants her husband don’t change after marriage. Those people who do love marriage usually people changes after marriage because of much responsibility on their shoulders. They are busy all time in the office, outside with their friends. He does not show love, care and emotion towards you, because he does not get time to think about his better half.  Wives are busy at their home. Husband has extra marital affair with another guy. Wife thinks that he would busy in office work actually he is busy with another guy. Through love vashikaran husband mantra you can take care of your husband. You can control your husband activities which are going on against you.

How to get true love from boyfriend– Girls are conscious towards their boyfriend but boys deceive their girlfriend because they don’t care their love and get change according to the time. Girls spend whole day in sorrow. If boyfriend is loyal they don’t have time to talk with you. He is not taking interest in you because other things divert his mind to ignore her. You can take advantage of vashikaran love mantra from vashikaran specialist. He can solve your love problems according to their needs.

How to get true love back– If someone loves you truly suddenly break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend. It’s hurts very badly. You can’t survive without her/ him. Because you are not addict of these things. If true love went, it never comes again. Because there are a lot of thing that divert his mind.  True love gets by luck not by chance. If you want to get true love back you can consult with vashikaran specialist he will suggest you how to get true love back by Black magic spells.get true love

How to find true love after divorce– After marriage many couples take divorce because of misunderstanding and extra marital affair. Take divorce after marriage is not bad thing if someone not understands you very well then leave him/ her. Just take better decision and move on in your life. Then start to find true love, it is very difficult to find true love in short time if we talk about after divorce. Being divorcee it is hard to find true love then you can consult with Vashikaran Divorce specialist.

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How to make love

How to make love | How to make fall in love

Love feeling is awesome when love is true. It is also true that love making is also a nice feeling. When we make love we feel like a heaven. Love making is common thing between two beloved, but all people are not so lucky to have a girl friend or boy friend to make love. They just think how to make love. So if you are also thinking to make love with desired person then you are landed on right page. Here you will get all the answer of your question. All people are not so lucky to get their love in short life span. Sometime even your true love left you alone that hurt you more. This is commonly takes place when there is entry of third person in your love relationship.

How to make love with Girl

If you love a girl and she doesn’t value your love and emotions that hurt you lot, you don’t know what to do or what not to do. You just crazy for her and wanna make love with that girl. Now you can take the help of astrology to make love with girl. In astrology a term is known as vashikaran or love spells.

What is Vashikaran

Now let me explain what vashikaran is. Vashikaran is astrological tantra mantra process by which you can hold the mind of any desired person. After vashikaran spells that person come under your control and act upon the way you want. In western countries these spells know as love spell. Our Guru ji number one vashikaran specialist in India. Chanting of vashikaran mantra Guru Ji’s Work, you just have to follow the instructions that given by Guru Ji.

How to make love with Boy

When you fall in love you don’t think much about it so that is truly said that love is blind. When your boy boyfriend has no interest in love making with you that hurt you lot. This situation takes place when he is interested in other girl. So if you are facing such kind of problem that time you can take help of vashikaran to make love

How to make fall in love

As I above said with the help of love spell or vashikaran spell you can make control over the mind of His / Her. So in this way you can make fall in love him or her because after these spells he / she totally in your control.

Our Guru Ji is number one vashikaran specialist in India. He provides his services all over the world online. He is expert in performing these spells. He has great wealth of experience in performing this art. So if you are thinking how to make love just make a call to Guru Ji and get solution.

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Bring Ex Love Back

How to Bring Ex Back | How to Win Love

If you want get your ex love back and looking some tips then you are landed on right page. Here you will get all love problem solutions. Indian astrology have rich history. Astrology don’t have single aspect. In past time even king or emperor use astrological or black magic tricks to rule for long time.

In Astrology black magic for love and love vashikaran are mostly use to get ex love back in short life span. When we listen about black magic just evil come in front of our eyes. But this not true black magic is also used for positive things like to get love back or to get desired love. Our Guru Ji world famous astrologer in term of vashikaran. He is also known as black magic specialist in worldwide.

How to get love back by vashikaran


bring ex love back or get love problem solution by vashikaran

Vashikaran is also known as love spells. With the help of vashikaran you can control the mind of desired person,After vashikaran that person act upon the way you want. by vashikaran or love spells you can get your ex love back or desired love. Vashikaran don’t have any negative effect, but these spells may give you negative effect if you don’t have an experts view. Our Guru ji will tell you how to do vashikaran or how love spell works. He is expert in this. So get your love back and don’t be disappointed in life. Everyone have to face love problem in life. So don’t give up. So if you are thinking how to bring ex love back or how to win love contact Guru Ji he will tell you how to get ex love back. Chanting of mantra is Guru Ji’s works you just have to follow the instruction. Guru ji provide his services all over the world.

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